Since 1981 GGMC has built a tradition on quality and customer care that has earned the company a well-earned position of strength and leadership.


Weather you have mould design, product design or not, GGMC development team have the competency to transfer your needs to a workable solution. We deal with high class of mould suppliers.


Our Production

Our production has been qualified to produce glass containers using different technologies Blow & Blow, Pressure and Blow, Narrow-Neck press & blow for lightweight product with two different colors: Green and Flint. We can supply product with different weight range 100gms To 850gms & different 100Ml to 1300 Ml. Twisted, crown etc. finish can be supplied.

Quality Solution

GGMC have highly qualified equipment with state and art inspection machine and large size of quality team which can inspect 360-degree inspection: “Body, Bottom, neck, shoulder etc.Where our quality process starts early when quality raw material, packing supplier a series of test: Pressure test, Thermal Shock, capacity test, vertical load, Cold end coating checking, wall thickness, Impact resistance

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Printing And labeling

GGMC expanded its printing solution to printing line to satisfy customer needs up to six colors can be printed in JAR Container. Our technical team ready to transfer your design to artwork. All printed batches passed through quality assurance check.

Packing solution


Storage Solution

GGMC has finished goods storage capacity exceed 50000 SqMtr to fulfill customer requirement and maintain good supply chain.


Whether you are a local customer or overseas customer, GGMC has own fleet along with its own logistic partners to deliver the goods over different modes: Land, Sea.